Saturday, 25 April 2015

Cherry Merry Muffin Dolls by Mattel

There were five dolls produced in 1988 and as their names suggest they were muffin themed. 

They also had an individual scent to their hair which corresponded to their names, in the same way that Strawberry Shortcake Dolls did.

 They each came with a themed pet / friend called "Flavour Friends", a tray of muffins and a muffin shaped hair comb.

Dolls belonging to John Gemmel (Dolls More Dolls, Multiply)

The dolls in the image above belong to a fellow collector and friend of mine, John Gemmel, from the doll group I belong to. 
When he posted the photograph and having never seen these dolls before I was so intrigued by them that I decided to see what I could find out about them, this post constitutes my findings, sadly this post has been waiting in my draft folder for completion for several years now and as I didn't make note here of my sources, I'm unsure where I found my information and photographs; so if they belong to you, please let me know so I can accredit you...
The one on the left is Banancy with her friend / pet called Bitty Banana on the right is Chocolottie with her friend / pet called Chocolate Drop, they are part of the first wave range of these dolls.

When these dolls were originally sold in the 1980's the muffins were also scented.

The original "First Wave" range of  Cherry Merry Muffin dolls.

The image above shows all the dolls in the range,from left to right, they are:
Betty Berry with Flavour Friend Li'l Dip
Cherry Merry Muffin with Flavour Friend Cherry Sweet
Chocolottie with Flavour Friend Chocolate Drop
Banancy with Flavour Friend Bitty Banana
Apple Amy with Flavour Friend Apple Buddy

The dolls stood 6.5 inches high and had the regulation "big hair" of the 80's  which was either curly or wavy, depending on the doll.

They wore dresses with aprons covering them and had little painted-on shoes. They each came with a "Flavour Friend", a Tray of  6 Muffins in a baking tray and a Comb.

The dolls accessories matched the smell according to the doll's name and the colour of her outfit.

Barbie 35th Anniversary Special Edition Reproduction of Original 1959 Barbie Doll

1993 marked the 35th Anniversary of the humble Barbie doll, to celebrate the occasion Mattel released an exact replica of the original doll which went on sale for the first time in 1959.

These dolls were released as a limited edition under the Silver Label which means that no more than 50,000 were produced and sold Worldwide.

In doing so Mattel gave new Barbie collectors the opportunity to own a genuine "Classic" / Barbie #1 at a fraction of the cost the original dolls go for on the Second Hand Market.

These days the original Barbie is way out of many collectors price ranges and has often raised thousands at auction and in private sales alike - even original 2nd, 3rd and 4th Barbie dolls can fetch prices in the thousands.

Since the release of the 35th Anniversary reproduction Mattel, on discovering the popularity of these dolls have launched reproductions of other vintage dolls from their original doll line.

In keeping with the original doll the 35th Anniversary Barbie is an exact replica. She comes in the black and white striped swimsuit and black open toed mules of the original, "cat sunglasses" that were ever so popular in the 50's, she has red painted toe and fingernails and has her hair styled in a high ponytail twist and fringe just like the original and even comes with a replica of her original box - which is decorated with images of the original dolls in a variety of fashions available at the time and a 35th Anniversary tag on her wrist. 

She also has the gold hoop earrings  of the original but unlike the original the reproduction's are made of plastic not metal and she therefore will not suffer from Green Ear Syndrome which affected a lot of the original Barbie dolls that were displayed with their jewellery in place.      

Unlike the original, the 35th Anniversary doll comes in a plastic box with her cardboard "original box" by her side, she also comes with an "Anniversary Celebration Booklet".

The back of her box has a large black and white image of the doll as well as information on the original 1959 range of Barbie dolls.

She was released in both blonde and brunette versions. The brunette version is identical to the blonde as are the accessories and box she comes with, the only difference besides her hair colour is a small label on her cardboard box which states either "Blonde" or "Brunette". Both versions of these dolls now retired by Mattel.

I had both versions of this doll, my blonde one still in pristine condition in her box as I purchased her. My brunette version was bought loose and nude and now goes by the name "Retro Lil'" she owns a 1950's diner where she sells Rement Burgers amongst other things which are very popular with the rest of my dolls...