Saturday, 10 October 2015

1983 Sindy Super Home

I was just looking through my Draft Posts and discovered these Assembly Plans for the 1983 Sindy Super home, 

I have no idea what I was doing with them as I don't even have a Sindy Super Home, but I thought well I'll post them anyway as they may be of help to somebody...

1983 Pedigree Sindy's Super Home No 44430

As not many people are fortunate enough to get their hands on a Sindy House still in it's box, it often leads to confusion as to which house you own, so to clarify and let you know if these plans will be of use to you, here's a little information on this house...

In 1981 Pedigree released the Sindy's Home, a three floored Town House with a rooftop garden. The house had a lift to access all floors and a separate spiral staircase with which to access the roof garden from the centre of the floor below.  

For some this spiral staircase proved to be problematic and so in 1983, following on from the success of their Sindy's House, Pedigree released their "new improved" Sindy House which they called the Sindy's Super Home.

This new Sindy House still had the lift for Sindy to reach the upper floors of her home but no longer had a spiral staircase, instead it now had a lift which reached every floor including the rooftop garden.

This gave a little extra floorspace in both the bedroom and garden's floors as there was no longer a hole for the staircase or an area of floor taken up by the staircase.

When assembled the Sindy's Super Home was over four feet high, two foot wide and had the option to extend it even further by adding additional floors and a stables to the side.

 It was also much more sturdy as the floors were replaced with plastic ones, and much more versatile as you could put it together in a variety of ways, depending on how much room you have and your own personal taste.

If you click on the pictures, it'll enlarge them so you can save and print them.



Diane said...

I actually got hold of a 1981 Boxed Sindy Town House recently but there were no instructions on how to build it. Thankfully someone online emailed me a copy of the instruction so I managed to build it. There were some broken plastic parts which I had to glue back together and it is quite flimsy with the cardboard floors but it is up and looks great :).

Herbie Hopkins said...

Hi Diane,
Lucky you... That's great news!
Herbs x

Unknown said...

I'm just about to reconstruct my old sindy house for my daughter! Thank you!!! 😄

Herbie Hopkins said...

Dear Unknown,
I'm so glad I could help you out!
Your daughter is going to love the house as much as you did - Lucky girl!
H xx