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This little girl was an experiment in 2009, I'd had I've been thinking for a while that Bratz would be way cooler if they had a Barbie type body with non-removable feet so.....

 I tried a little experiment with one of my Bratz and a articulated Barbie Body.

It's not a great skin tone match but the best I could come up with from my box of victims!

I think it works pretty well tho' so well in fact that she's staying like this!

Gross Q - Kewpie with Skeleton & Organs showing Anatomically correct ( I think so anyway!) Phone Charm

Images from

Ever wanted to know what's inside a Kewpie? lol 

I fell in love with this little guy as soon as I saw him, as the Strapya World website was the only place I'd seen him, and had shown up as being "Out of stock" when I tried to purchase him, I decided to email them and find out when they'd be having a new shipment of stock in.

Sadly, Kosuke Fujii from Strapya World  mailed me to say this is product is discontinued *sob*

So.... If anyone has one of these and wants to sell it ... please Message me with details, I'd love to on this little cutie and would happily re-home him for you!  :D

**Blog Update**

Just found the crazy Advert for it too lol all in Japanese tho' but that don't matter it's cool!!

...Will have to post again when I can upload it :( I've just spent the best part of an hour trying too! Ah well can't be helped.

Midnight Magic Dolls

Hmmm... what can I say? as a competitor to MH or even a cheaper alternative these girls don't come close, I'm sure if one was given as a gift instead of a Monster High doll that was expected or even begged for, these girls just wouldn't cut it at all.... a cheaper alternative with similar proportions for Custom work or as Practise dolls, I reckon these girls would be pretty good.... now I'm just hoping we get them in the shops over here as the import costs via ebay make them roughly the same price, and in some cases dearer than going to Argos and buying the real thing, and let's be honest, why buy one of these if you could buy the real thing for the same money or cheaper??

That said, I'm very interested in them, I'd love to be able to hold one out the box and see how she compares, and as they don't have all the "themed" face and body art of Operetta or Frankie Stein they are pretty much a blank canvas.

The only thing I do find weird is some of the choices made in terms of skin tone, it seems to me that going from left to right (see pic below), the skin tones are made to resemble Ghoulia, Lagoona, Draculaura & Frankie Stein.

                             Dolls names are (left to right) Pippa, Mila, Adele & Kayley.

Boxed Pippa

Ok so I get it that she's most likely supposed to be a zombie, but why is her skin such a dark shade of grey, it looks crazy!
Back of Pippa's Box

I have to admit, I do really like the boxes, the shape of them and the colours of this one especially.
Boxed Kayley
Back of Kayley's Box
Boxed Mila
Back of Mila's Box

Back of Adele's Box

(Images of boxed dolls, found on Ebay)

The writing on the back of the boxes gives the "story" behind the dolls and reads as follows:

"Midnight Magic day & Night - The Midnight Magic saga begins in the small town of Johnsville, in Nowhere, USA.  

It is June and a very special event is taking place for four intelligent, daring young ladies. Audra, Melanie, katie and Patty are graduating from grade school and are going to be attending Park View High School in the Fall. 

The girls have been best friends since Kindergarten and are very excited to be graduating and attending High School. Melanie, the leader of the group suggests that they all take a Summer School class in order to get a jumpstart on their studies and to get acclimated to High School classes as quickly as possible.  

They all have a high aptitude in Science and so they enrol in a Chemistry Class.  It is very unusual for Freshmen to be taking this type of advanced class but the girls tested so well that the instructor decided to make an exception. 

The instructor of the class is the brilliant but odd Professor Sparks. The girls are very hard workers and volunteer for extra work with the Professor for extra credit. 

The Professor is working on a number of different projects and being absent minded he leaves one of his experiments in the school laboratory.  

Patty, the most curious of the four decides to take a sip of the concoction that the Professor has  left out.  She also convinces Audra, Melanie and Katie to take a sip as well. 

The concoction turns out to be a formula that is supposed to make your skin soft and smooth, instead the formula transforms the girls, totally changing their looks and giving each one a supernatural power.

 This transformation takes place every night at Midnight, however it only lasts until dawn.

                                                    Audra becomes Adele.
                                                    Melanie transforms into Mila.
                                                    Katie becomes Kayley.
                                                    Patty transforms into Pippa.

I've had a look around the website, address above, but it appears to still be under construction, not all the links work, sadly.

                                   Here's a few pictures I've taken from there...

Don't quote me on this but my guess is Pippa is based on Ghoulia Yelps, Mila on Lagoona, Adele on Draculaura & Kayley on Clawdeen. I have no idea what the dumbbells clipart is about, but I had to chuckle at the owl and cat clip art on this site, Ghoulia & Clawdeen references anyone?!


Coffin lockers...hmmm now where have I seen them before?!

Oh a "brainy" one, wow now that's original!
Dumbbells and Angel's wings ok, you've got me there! 
I suspect the wings might be a reference to C.A Cupid, but the dumbbells? Not a clue.
It's funny because they seem to have taken "inspiration" from several of the Monster High Dolls, and made dolls to look very similar to specific ones, but when it comes to "personality" from what I can gather from the website's doll pages, they seem to have mixed and matched aspects of different Monster High dolls and combined them to make each doll's "story"

As for what the individual "stories" are and which doll has which specific "Supernatural power" (possibly as evidenced by her appearance?) I have no idea as this area of the Website is also unavailable due to yet another "dead link" on the site.

Sadly the link to view Pippa doesn't work at present, so I could only get screenshots of three of the dolls.

From the research I've been doing on other sites, these dolls seem to have the same body size, shape and articulation, or as close as damn it, to the Monster High Dolls, although they are slightly taller. their feet slightly wider and their backs have a deeper curve.

These dolls are currently being sold in stores such as Target & Dollar Store and Walmart in the US for $5.00 each!

I gather that the price is somewhat consistent with the quality of the dolls, that said, they are not flimsy and easily broken as you might expect for the price, although this may be because I have yet to here how they hold up to play and they are definitely much prettier than the "Gothic Angels" Monster High Clones (if you can really call them that!) on the market.

As soon as they become available in the UK (without the shipping costs) I'll definitely get one or a few to customise!

Perfect Pair Tomy & Kelly Dolls - Exclusive to David's Bridal

Doing my usual "search for this, find something else, get side-tracked" routine on the internet, I came across this pair of seriously adorable Tomy & Kelly Dolls.

Normally I'm not really a fan of these dolls, but man, this little couple are adorable!

Tomy's afro is just perfect, I've never seen these two as African - American dolls before and boy am I surprised how much it suits them!

I think I've also found a neat thing to do with the ones I have in my "victims box"!

 Although I have no idea how to make Tomy's hair so dam perfect!!

I guess you want to see what I'm raving about now huh? Well ok then...

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

More Wishlist Toys or If only I had £350 to spend on a doll :(

1960's Pedigree Red Head Mitzi Doll - Sindy Friend

A few years ago I stumbled upon this doll online quite by accident, while trying to get an I.D for a Sindy I'd gotten in a bulk buy of dolls, and it was love at first sight!

 What I didn't realise when I began my search for her is that she is stupidly rare and as a result, everyone and their mother's are also searching for her... which also means if found , she has an even stupider price tag attached to her *sigh*

I'd happily settle for just the head, as I'm not a collector who has to have everything, I don't want her because she is rare, or will make me money later on, I just collect the things that appeal to me, so quite often I pass up on other "Sindy Family Members & Friends" in favour of a valueless clone doll that I think I can make something of, but this girl, I just want because I've fallen under her spell!!

Dream Date Outfit (complete with beret) - Original "out of box wear"
So what is it tat makes her so rare & sought after? In a nutshell, there were less made, why? I have no idea, as to me she as such a beautiful face and I think if I'd have been bought one as a child instead of a Sindy, I'd have been just as happy, if not happier!

I suspect the Blonde version of this doll is much rarer as in the last 5 years, I have only ever seen three Red Head Mitzi dolls  come up for sale on Ebay, but not a single Blonde one!

So what is the appeal? For me, it's mostly the awesome colour of her hair, it's not often you find dolls with hair so bright from that era, and then there's that face, it's so different to the other "teenage" dolls of the time,so beautifully sculpted and when dressed, she really does have an air of "chic" about her which is hard to define but very easy to see!

And so to her "story":

Mitzi arrived from France in 1968 another addition to the ever increasing Sindy Set.
Available with either blonde or striking flame red hair, Mitzi had massive blue eyes and was given a basic Sindy body, with no markings.  Being the same size as Sindy she could share Sindy's ever increasing stylish wardrobe.
When sold she came in a cardboard box with with an Eiffel Tower charm and a free Dream Date outfit (see above photo) Below is the Blonde version of Mitzi in her original Dream Date Outfit, posed beside her box.

If this image belongs to you, please let me know so I can credit you.

While she has the exact same face as the Flame Haired version, and is most likely much rarer, I just don't like her as much as the Redhead, that hair colour really seems to make something in Mitzi's face just ping out!

Finally though, one has come up on Ebay (pictures below), sadly well out of my price range, as although I am a "collector" and I would add her to my collection, I'm not THAT desperate to have her to complete my collection or whatever!

The photo above is a beautiful flame haired Mitzi which has recently come up on Ebay, I think she may have been given a slight haircut at some point, although the seller doesn't mention this and it could just be the way her hair is "styled", but it does look at little shorter than it should be when compared to the Mitzi in picture 1.

  The seller wants £350.00 for her (Buy It Now) and has refused two offers already, so I guess it's £350.00 or nothing, but that does beggar the question, why put open to offers on the listing? Anyhoo, if you have £350.00 and you want to buy her, here's the link:

*******       05/12/2012 -     *********        UPDATE ON EBAY LISTING                   *******

I was just reading back over this post, and I thought "Hmmm, I wonder if she sold?" so I followed the link and went to take a peek.

It turns out she didn't!  And it seems I am not the only person who wanted her but NOT for that price!
I have to say that given the financial climate at present, and it being so close to Christmas too, I am pretty surprised that the seller turned down 3 offers, but then again I of course have no way of knowing how much each of those offers were for! 
While I was cropping my screen shot, I noticed the Seller had relisted, so I went back and checked out that  listing...

Same thing, only one offer this time though, but I can't help thinking, that out of a total of 4 offers made, one of them must have come close to an acceptable price surely? And if not and if £350.00 is the only price the seller is willing to accept, then why not make the listing a Buy It Now or don't check the "Make me an Offer" box while listing!

This to me seems to sum up "The Curse of Mitzi" as I like to call it... She hardly ever comes up at auction, so when she does the Seller can pretty much set the price...any price, and more often than not, there is always someone with a shedful of cash who's more than happy to pay it.

The thing is most sellers are savvy to this and so they start the bidding much lower, and set a reserve, this makes loads of people sit up and think, "I can't believe that price, or that I can be the only one who's seem this listing.... Sod it, I'm going for it" and place a bid...

Then the fun really starts, as if a bidder has been the highest bidder on an auction that's ending soon, or even for a few days, they are more than likely to get into a bidding war, with the next person who bids, and the next etc, thereby pushing the price right up, as there is something very addictive about beating the person who has just tried to "gazump" you after you've been bidding on an item for several days and been the highest bidder for at least part of that time!

In this way, I have seen a Mitzi sell for over £500.00, who certainly wasn't in as good shape as this lovely lady!

Bid Wars are really what every seller wants on Ebay, otherwise every item would be down as a Buy It Now listing!

Setting a Reserve safeguards the seller in this situation, as if the item does not reach the amount they want at the end of the auction, it remains unsold. This also encourages bidders to save that seller and hope they re-list and in some cases to even bid more generously next time!

I've seen this time and time again with Mitzi, which is why I know I will sadly never own one, but I do have plans to make myself a Custom Girl as close to her as possible, and who knows, maybe one day I'll be in a Charity Shop and I won't believe my luck after rooting about in the toy bin and coming up with one!

Oh well, a girl can dream a?!!

Monday, 5 November 2012

Unknown Vintage 3 faced dolls

I have 2 different versions of  3 face dolls, which I suspect must have been kind of popular in the early 1960's, as mine are definitely not the only type of 3 face doll made back then.

I have seen 2 other examples, but they do seem to be quite rare nonetheless, and no one I've asked seems to know very much about them at all, neither does Google! so I'd appreciate any info anyone has on this pair.

Enough preamble ... Here's my two:

Vintage 3 faced standing Doll.

Here's what I know about her...

She has 3 faces which you bring to the front by turning the little hair patterned topknot on her head.

Her outfit looks to be original or at least made for her as it has a split on top to allow her topknot to poke through.

She stands around 8 inches tall and due to the restrictive nature of her outfit, she cannot sit down!

Other than that I'm clueless lol so would love some info if anyone has any?

Vintage 3 faced Native / Eskimo? Sitting Baby Toy.

Made in Hong Kong circa. 1960.

She's made of rubber &  plastic.

She's 4.5" tall.

The black pompom on top of her head changes her facial expression when you twist it!


                                                       ***   UPDATE   ***


I'm not exactly sure how it happened as one search inevitably leads to another and another, but the upshot is, I've found out a couple of things about my tallest girl:

She was made in 1979 by Fun World Toy Company.

Her outfit is definitely her original one.

There are several versions of this outfit available - I've seen at least three other versions made from different patterned fabric and also one cut from yellow fabric.

If I manage to find out anything else, I'll keep you posted...

Watch this space!

Dolce & Gabbana Miss Sicily Crocheted Handbag

It seems Facebook really wants me to look at this bag, and I have to say it turned out that I really wanted to too!

The advert just keeps on  re-appearing on the right hand side of my screen, and finally today, I have given in... I was attracted to the crotchet squares in the icon anyway, due to a childhood spend around talented family members, who seemed to be able to turn wool squares into just about anything!

My Mum's the major culprit for the crotchet ones though, every family member has a blanket made of them, I also have cushion covers, human and dog blankets, Aaron's baby blanket, hot water bottle covers, and when Mum's had time to finish it, a jacket!  

I also found a picture of an amazing dress from the 1970's, which we're in "talks" about at present!

Anyhoo, the point of the post was this beautiful bag....

Dolce & GabbanaMiss Sicily Crocheted Handbag, Multicolor
Taking the look and feel of a 1970s afghan, this crocheted rendition of the Dolce & Gabbana Miss Sicily handbag will provide a homespun comfort as it adorns both dressy and casual ensembles.
Multicolor, multi-patterned crocheted yarn; golden hardware.
Tubular leather top handle; 4" drop; removable, adjustable crossbody strap.
Flap top with magnetic snap closure; two-tone Dolce & Gabbana plaque detail.
Tubular top; folded sides.
Inside, zip and open pockets.
10"H x 14"W x 7"D.
Made in Italy.

About Dolce & Gabbana:
Designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana are the duo behind Dolce & Gabbana, which they founded in 1982. They've been pushing the boundaries of fashion to great success ever since.

This Italian label showcases sophisticated tailoring in anything-but-conservative looks, making Dolce & Gabbana a favorite of celebrities.

Ok so I've got the blurb out the for the really scary part... But before I tell you, I think I should mention it's now on sale... at this point I'd most likely add a "woot" but, well this is why I won't:

Dolce & Gabbana
Miss Sicily Crocheted Handbag, Multicolor
GBP 1,908.04

GBP 858.12

 (Order Code :OC113_V0WL5)

Available to buy here:

The thing is, sadly I haven't got that kind of money to spend on a handbag (I doubt very much I'd buy a single handbag with it if I did!), but  what I do have is a very talented Mum who's a dab hand at crotchet and I've been thinking how easy it would be to make something very similar, so I think, very soon that will be my next project; after I've got through all the hundreds of other products I have planned that is!

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Orange & Citrus Zesty Shortbread Biscuits.

Here's a recipe of my own invention, I came up with these little edibles on 11th October 2010, after 
I promised Duckula (Aaron's rat) that  I'd make her some biscuits to cheer her up and went into my kitchen to raid the cupboards and see what I could invent...and these very more-ish (vegan) bite-sized little biscuits were the result!

And you'll be pleased to know Duckie-Boos was very happy with them too!

The ingredients are very basic, cupboard staples, so it was easy enough to gather things together without having to run out to the shops for "extras".

They are Vegan (as this is a Vegan Household!) but you can use whatever you have lying around, I suspect that other types of marge etc would alter the flavour slightly...

              (You could also substitute Lemon or Lime for the orange if you've run out.)

In case you what to try them's my recipe:

Orange & Citrus Zesty Shortbread Biscuits.

150g Plain Flour
1 tsp Baking Powder
1 large Orange
2 tsp Sunflower Margarine
1 tsp Natural Lemon Extract
50g Sugar

Preheat oven to 200 degrees Celsius (Fan assisted) and place dry ingredients in a medium sized bowl, grate the zest of the entire orange into the dry ingredients.

When de-zested, halve and squeeze.

Make a well in the dry ingredients and add the lemon extract, margarine & orange juice & pulp.

combine ingredients using your hands until you have a work-able dough, then roll out to about a 1/4 inch thickness and cut into shapes.

Lightly grease baking trays and place approx 1 inch apart, bake in centre of oven for 10 - 15 mins.

when lightly brown, remove from oven and leave to cool on trays for around 3 mins before transferring to a wire rack to cool.

When completely cool, prise out of Aaron's fingers and place in an air-tight tin & hide tin from Aaron!!

If you give my recipe a go...let me know how it went *Grin*

*btw I never measure when I'm cooking so all weights are approx) oh and this recipe made around 50 but then my Halloween cutters are really tiny!*

Kaonashi, Susuwatari & Bou. - Spirited Away

Kaonashi, Susuwatari & Bou.
( Acrylic on Canvas) 
Spirited Away painting for Aaron 
-Copied from a Facebook advert -

(December 2011)

Wow my Wish list is getting Longer and Longer!!

(Info copied from Ebay listing)

                                  This time it's a Steam Punk Dal Doll called Ra Muw. 

Here's a list of the accessories and outfit she comes with:- 

Jacket, Necklace, Hair Band, Gloves, Belt, One-Piece Dress, Tights, Leg Accessory, Boots, Googles, Transmitter, Head Dress, Doll Stand

« The Metropolis is my castle. Don't underestimate the information network! It?s a lot faster than particles and it will make sense of the world!! »

                                  Sold in limited Quantity of 2,000pcs World Wide Market
                                  Each unit includes a serial number and certificate
                                                              High Quality Outfit
                                                              Cute Suede Dress
                                 Long Wavy Hair Complements her make-up and accentuates her cleverness


Ra Muw is a journalist with a great deal of curiosity. Her strong journalistic desire for knowledge draws her to EOS, which sometimes leads her to get in EOS' way.
The transmitter that Ra Muw has in her possession is special and only the most outstanding journalists are allowed to have and send out information, but there's a question is it truly owned by Ra Muw.

African American Mini-Mod Shillman Doll from 1978

 Another one for my Wishlist!!

It's just a shame she doesn't come with those sunglasses too!

Mini-Mod 11 1/2" fashion doll by Shillman from 1978. Doll No. 2078

Package says Doll has:
Twisting waist.
Washable rooted hair.
Jointed arms and legs

So pretty much like every other "barbie type" doll then!!

Wow I'm loving this!

I just wish I had £50.00 to buy it now, still I find it incredibly inspiring, it's definitely awoken my muse!!

In case you fall in love with her as much as I do too, here's the Ebay Title:

Halloween Barbie and Ken Custom Built Display Diorama 1 of 1 Unique Collectable
Just copy and paste it into your Ebay (do not correct the spelling mistake, this is the seller's and not mine, if you correct it, you're not likely to be able to find the item) and it should take you directly to it.