Friday, 7 November 2008

Two of my furry Babies!

Chicken & Bones Aaron's little Ferret stink men!

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Never satisfied...I have re-made that Bratz doll again!

In the next few days I'll put up the new pic's this space!

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Doll Hair and How To Re-Root It.

Here's a link to my step by step instructions on how to re-root your dolls, also includes info' on different types of hair you can use and which dolls are best suited to each type as well as some links to the best places on the internet I have found to get supplies.

Also contains links to my other squidoo pages which you may or may not find interesting!

My Doll Collection Website

This website is still a work in progress and sorry folks but as it's a free domain it has pop ups (arrrrgh!)

But if you fancy checking out my collection this is the link to click...It will take you to the Title page from which you can access my Gallery Websites (Painting etc and Doll based works) by clicking on the links on the right of the Title page.

Unknown Had To Have Doll ... She's not Unknown any more!

I have no idea who this little lady is but I fell in love and she only cost 20p lol bargin a?
Her dress is immaculate so I don't think she's ever been played with...anyone got any info on her I'd appreciate it!

UPDATE - 2011 - Unknown is now known!

It turns out she is actually a Kurhn Doll Clone , I thought she was very similar to them, but as she has rooted lashes and a mass of purple hair so I was thrown, and after my 2 girls arrived from Italy I noticed there were a few slight differences between them all, although as my 2 Kurhn girls are both very different from each other and one of them came without her factory face on, so I had to repaint her, so that could be the reason for that, it threw me even more!

Until one day, I was innocently wandering around Flickr, drooling over other people's dolly collections, and I spotted this upload below, from a user called "topocn2000" ...

Here it is larger in case you can't take in the detail too well, and so you can read the labels beneath the dolls:

So I left a message asking if the one on the left is a real Kurhn Doll and 1 month later, I had my reply:

So now I know:  My unknown is a Globo Flow Fairy Doll... and you do too now!

But there's more, after my short convo' with "topocri2000" another user asked a question, which I found very interesting too as I don't really know much about Italian dolls, except for this one and the Hasbro/Ceppirratti collaboration on the "Tanya" Ice Cream Sindy Doll range, see my other posts...

I'll be looking out for them too now as I'd love to see one in the "flesh" as it were!

Oh while I'm still on this subject, here's a link to topocri2000's Flickr Photostream were I took my screenshots from, while you're there have a look at some of the other lovely dolls topcri2000 has:

1971 Chatty Cathy - For adoption - well she was, I'm not so sure now!!

Face is slightly lighter than body, and has weird mark on left cheek...kinda looks like when some-one crys while wearing foundation and you get them tear-tracks if u get me!

This doll has no markings on her body but there are several number/letter codes under her hair... at the back of her head (right side under hair) it reads chatty then underneath 971 and then after a gap another 1.
She has a few missing hair plugs at the back but these are hardly noticeable  unless you are searching about like I was lol
Her legs are swingy but I think this is due to her side being split from too much laughing!!

Janet Weiss - Ooak Rocky Horror Picture Show Barbie Doll - WORK IN PROGRESS

Janet was given a full face re-paint in the style of "The Floor Show" scene and boil perm, which was then cut, dyed and styled.

Her Floor Show costume has been hand sewn onto her, this was reproduced from re-watching the movie several times (Any Excuse!!)

I am presently working on making the suspender-belt, feather edging for red glove, and black and red transparent boa to finish her off.

I'm still not very good at making small clothing yet, so it's taking me a while and many mistakes to do it... but I'll get there, I'm very tenacious when I want to be, and dolls make me want to!!

More updates on Janet later!

Ooak Bratz Babyz Cyber Goth Doll

Her face was stripped of factory features and re-painted using acrylic paint, then sealed.

The moulded plastic hair was painted black and given cobalt blue highlights then sealed.

Dread falls were made using a mixture of synthetic human hair extensions and brown spun yarn and unspun blue fleece.

The dress was made from a pattern designed by myself.

I hand-made sliver dice and black beaded earrings to finish off her look, and I have to admit I like her so much more now I have made her this outfit, I don't think the other one worked at all well on her.

I'll show you more pictures of her and her twin soon!

The Winehouse Siamese Twins - Ooak Expressions doll

These took a while to complete, after re-locating the arms I did 2 full re-roots using synthetic human hair extensions which I then styled into beehives.

Eye make up, lipstick and cheek piercings were added, then came the fun part - the clothes!

I re-styled several items of clothing taken from expressions dolls into a ooak Siamese twin dress and made white bloomers to go underneath.

More on them later...

Ooak Trick or Treater Expressions Doll:

Hair re-root took a couple of weeks to complete in Tibetan Lambs wool Mohair
The clothes were all designed and hand sewn by me and the treats bag was hand-painted and constructed by me too!
I also made a selection on American Candies and some U.K ones too for her!

More pictures and info soon...