Sunday, 25 September 2016

☠ The Problem with Monster High Dolls... ☠

Since being introduced to Monster High Dolls in 2010 by an online fellow doll loving friend (Thanks Kyle!), and beginning my quest to own Frankiestein - she was the only one I really wanted until a few months later when they hit the U.K and I found them in my local Argos...
I bought both Draculaura and Frankiestein and thought I was done until I got them home and really looked at them, I went back the next day for Lagoona Blue & Clawdeen Wolf!

 But that was definitely it, I had the new Monster High Dolls and I was happy, I had no reason to buy any more.

But, no... Along comes Kyle again and shows me his recently acquired Ghoulia Yelps doll, and nagdabbit a ZOMBIE!!!
 I was smitten and so my quest began again, after that there really was no hope for me.

 I'd discover the new dolls through my American friends, wait for what seemed like an endless amount of time before they arrived in the U.K and sadly not all of them did so... 

I'd obtain, discover a new release, wait again... ad infinitum.

Just having to have them, it was truly terrible to behold!

I'm now of course totally hooked, even the ones I thought looked bloody stupid when I first saw them and vowed I wouldn't buy, somehow crossed my palms with the intention of being victims for customising... 

But alas no - when they got into my sweaty mitts, I saw their merits and *sigh* add that to the collection too!

It's gotten so bad that the ones that were originally bought for customising and subsequently ended up in my collection had to be replaced as I couldn't shake the idea of how they'd look customised!

Now my collection is somewhere in the late double figures and fast approaching trebles but of course that's not it either... those tricksy folks over at Mattel go and release the  Create a Monster range - a doll customiser's dream! 

I don't think I need to tell you what happened then?!
Mattel weren't done either it seems was I ... 

They  released playsets with cool creepy themes and now I'm at a loss as to how to categorise / display / photograph & upload all my beauties.

Starting with the boxed dolls seemed like a plan but of course I now have more of them to show off too, it really is never ending...

I think I need some kind of Monster High Doll AA!

I should probably make another start so the next few posts will be Monster High themed, I just hope you guys are ready for it!


Sunday, 4 September 2016

Meet Pingie The Chicken Lady!

Since I've been unable to post most in recent months I've been keeping myself busy with making myself some new customs and hybrids when time has permitted.

A while back I posted about my Littlest Pet Shop hybrid minis which were really just test pieces until I could get my hands on a large Littlest Pet Shop animal to make myself a "Barbie" sized version... 

Sorry for the dodgy image it was the only one I could find :(
Well I finally got my hands on one - not a cute little kitty, puppy or bunny as I had envisioned but living in the U.K it's really not easy to find the larger versions so I had to make do with whatever I could find on Ebay.

About a month ago I found several listed (they seem to come in waves - nothing for months, then 5 or 6 come along at once) so I luckily had quite a good choice of "heads" with which to build my new girl to be.

Ebay listing Photo'

I couldn't resist this little purple penguin when I discovered her for sale as I could imagine her on her human body and how cute she'd look so I placed my bid and waited.

Ebay Listing Photo'

Thankfully I won, but as I hadn't gotten my hopes up and allowed my mind to fully explore how I was going to go about turning her into a 12 inch doll, I really hadn't considered what body I would use for her, I decided the best thing to do would be to wait until she arrived and once I have an idea how heavy that head is I'd have a better idea of what type of body would have a neck strong enough to support it.

See what I mean? Those eyes are just adorable.

 I decided to let the body problem wait a while longer as I just couldn't wait to start painting her up with a new "face"!

 Several coats later I finally had her looking just right, sealed the paint job and was still raring to go, only now I had to wait for the paint to dry!!

I experimented with Barbie, Pullip and Obitsu bodies but none of them pleased me, one thing I didn't want was for her to have a long neck, my plan was to try to keep her as proportional as possible, well as proportional as she can be with a big giant head!

I lowered her head slightly before securing it onto her neck as I really have a problem with neck length - don't get me started on "Gail Platt's" giraffe features... Seriously just look at that thing, 

I can't tell if her shoulders are pushed down or if her neck is elongated, or both - either way, it's too much for my little mind to deal with so I guess I better move swiftly on!

Anyhoo, I guess it's time to show you how she turned out now huh?, so without further ado, here she is...


She's a funny little thing, she tries so hard to be stylish and hip but that big head of hers and those chicken features are just too funny for her to be able to pull it off very well, bless!

I finally settled on a Liv body as it had all the posability that a Obitsu one does, but is heavier so is better placed to carry the weight of her head.

The other reason I went with the Liv body is because it is so much easier to dress them, her clothing size is pretty generic and so she can were most Barbie sized clothes, as for shoes, she fits Monster High and Ever After High perfectly so she gets to have a really cool shoe collection!

Another cool thing about those shoes is that they allow her to stand in her pose by herself.  

Also, proportionally she looks pretty good, the bulkier size of the Liv body carries her head size really well.

Now I'm reaching the end of this post, I've finally realised I should probably have taken a "nudie" photograph of her, so you can see that neck of hers and her proportions better, instead of covering it up in that high necked sweater. 

Unfortunately, I really don't have much time right now so another time maybe, for now I think I'll just give you a "before and after" recap instead...

I decided against giving her eyes a "little white dot" to indicate light source as I wanted to highly glaze her eyes instead, that way, the light source which shows in her eyes will move depending on it's direction at the time of the photograph, Which in turn gives a more natural feel to them, if natural is an adequate word to describe a human / chicken faced hybrid lady!

That's about it for now, so until the next time, take care,

Thursday, 11 August 2016

More information on the new Lammily Boy Doll

While I was writing my last post, I was reading through my emails from Lammily to get my facts right as I went along. I'd just published the post when I found an email entitled "Why it took 6 months to design Boy Lammily. See why in this behind the scenes look..."  

The contents of this email were so interesting to me that I thought I'd share them with you all, as many of you probably have not received the email yourself, as the email contains lots of info' I'm just going to copy it here:

"Our very first step was to get in touch with Dr. Matthew Reed, University of Michigan, because we knew we needed a physical reference for the boy doll that was based on average body proportions and BMI (Body Mass Index).

Dr. Reed uses 3D scans of human bodies in simulations that produce data, which play a hand in increasing safety in military vehicles. We knew that if anybody could help us with our doll’s proportions, it was Dr. Reed.

So, we asked him for a 3D scan of the average 19-year-old man, and were delighted when he sent us the 3D model below."

"Marco Romero, who boasts over 17 years of experience in 3D modeling, used the rendered body above as a foundation for the doll and added the aesthetic details, giving the body more character.

Andrew Dormody, the 3D modeler who helped design the very first Lammily doll, segmented this updated body so that the doll could move around and pose. Next he gave Boy Lammily his clothes, starting with his swim trunks!"

"Thomas DesJardins, who also contributed to the first Lammily doll’s design and who has worked for Disney Animation Studios, created the head and face of Boy Lammily."

"After dozens of revisions to the 3D model after each step, Boy Lammily was brought to life in a series of 3D renderings formed by Tim Jones, whose past work is accredited to works such as the Lord of the Rings series video games and Coca-Cola commercials."

"Each facet of the design process was revisited and reworked many times over, translating into over 6 months of work to make Boy Lammily as endearing, friendly, fun and relatable as the very first Lammily dolls." 

"With the help of some of the most trusted hands and minds of the 3D modeling and animation industries, this is how Boy Lammily came to be! "

Something else I'd like to show you, which was uploaded to the Lammily Blog on 10th March 2016, is an image entitled "Lammily vs Ken" illustrated by a side by side comparison photograph so you can see the difference in body shape, size, height etc..

Out of the two I think I prefer Lammily Boy's shape, I've never quite got on with Ken's and find most male doll's bodies are weirdly proportioned, with either overly muscular chests and skinny little legs so they tend to be shaped more like a gorilla than a human! 

Having said that, Ken's not so bad and has been getting much more "Human" in recent years. 

As for Lammily, I like the idea that he's a little shorter, a little tubbier and isn't ashamed to show off his chest by wandering around in his grundies all day, of course he'd have been absolutely perfect if he'd come with a pair of "Walter White tiny whiteys"!!

Lammily Boy Doll & Photographer Update

As I am on the mailing list, I received an email in March from Nickolay over at announcing that there was now a Crowdfunding campaign to try and get backers for a proposed Male Lammily doll, intrigued I couldn't resist going over and taking a look.

He's based on the average size of a 19 year old (American?) man, has rooted hair and articulation at the wrists and ankles.

The first edition comes wearing a check shirt, shorts and a pair of loafers, illustrated box and story pamphlet and like "Traveller Lammily" gives you the option to name him when you use the passport option on site.
As with all Crowdfunding campaigns there were a number of rewards offered to backers based on the amount of their donations.

Four days to the end of the Crowdfunding campaign, I received an email which offered another Backer's reward to the existing ones... The opportunity to be one of the first to receive the boy doll in a bundle with the new (not quite really for release) Photographer doll for a $45.00.

As you know, I'd already preordered my Photographer doll for $25.00 and was patiently waiting for production to finish and shipping to begin, but when I spotted this reward, I thought "Nagdabbit" and so I decided to see if there was any way I could change my Photography girl order to one of the bundle options, cue email dialogue with Nickolay...

I asked him if it was possible to buy the boy doll as an add on to my existing order; he suggested that I order the bundle via the Crowdfunding page, let him know I've done so and he'll cancel my existing preorder for Photographer, the only drawback with this option being that as the male doll wasn't expected to be available for shipping until sometime after 1st November 2016, so I would have to wait until then to receive my Photographer doll.

Well of course I jumped at the chance, yeah I'll have to wait a while longer for my new girl doll, but this way I'd get the two new dolls for $5.00 less than I would have paid, plus I'd be one of the first to own the boy doll on his release!

lammily email

The Crowdfunding campaign was set up with the goal being to raise $70,000 to enable Nickolay to bring his latest creation to life. When the campaign ended 2,500 backers had surpassed that amount by raising a total of $101,358!

Here's another photo' of him in his grundies, just because...

For those of you who missed the Crowdfunding and want to preorder yourself a Boy Lammily for your collection or for the small person in your life, you can find him here:
Since the Crowdfunding campaign ended Lammily have sent several emails which give buyers, backers, etc. the opportunity to have an even greater input into the design of this doll - not the overall design, but the theme which he'll follow such as his name, hobby and personality traits which will be included in the artwork for his packaging and also in his storybook pamphlet.
lammily email

The winning theme which will be used to illustrate his story was "Being in touch with nature" so not only this boy Lammily a more natural shaped guy but he's also got a touch of the Hippies going on...
As you can see from the above chart there were quite a few options

lammily email

A second vote was announced this one was to narrow down the subject field for his hobby... As the votes reflected "Working with animals in need", so the  chances are his story and artwork is going to be full of heart tugging images, but for now I guess we'll just have to wait and see!

Before I go, I guess I should mention that Photographer Lammily is now available for purchase directly from

Lammily email

 As the preorder date has passed, these dolls ship without a production delay, so you can get your beautiful new girl as soon as shipping to your Country allows.

Lammily email
You can find the order page by clicking this link:


Sewing Patterns for Lammily Doll... Some of them are Free!

 I started writing this draft on 15th February, 1 day before my world plunged into turmoil, so it's taken several months to get this info up and out into the blogger-sphere and I now have a few more Lammily posts I need to get out there too, more than likely you guys already know this information now, but on the off chance some of you do not, here goes...

A few days ago I received an email announcement from Lammily introducing some new  items in their shop... Sewing patterns for Lammily Dolls!

I'm so glad they've decided to go this route but as they have so far only listed 3 patterns in their shop I assume they are seeing how well they sell before they design and offer any more.

At present the available patterns are for a simple tube dress, a skiing style outfit and a thermal looking number complete with cape and boots, each one is sent to your email address as a PDF upon purchase so it's up to you to print a hard copy to work from.

Without further ado I guess I should show you some pictures, here's the dress:

            Exploring Rio Dress Pattern -

The pattern, called Exploring Rio Dress, doesn't come with patterns for the accessories, just the dress and so is the cheapest pattern of the three, costing $3.00.

                      Exploring Rio Dress Pattern -

A link to buy the 4 page Exploring Rio Dress Pattern PDF can be found here

Next up is the skiing style number, called Winter Wonderland Pattern. 

                Winter Wonderland Pattern -

This pattern consists of  all the pieces you need to make a skiing jacket, body warmer, trousers and boots, which when finished should look something like the image below. 

Winter Wonderland Pattern -

The PDF is 19 pages in total and as a bonus for Lammily shop peruses, they have included a link to download a free sample so you can get an idea of the quality and sewing level of the pattern prior to purchase.

Winter Wonderland Pattern -
Winter Wonderland Pattern costs $6.00 and can be found here: 

Winter Wonderland Pattern -

The sample is for the boots pattern and includes easy to follow instructions of how to sew the pieces together, you can download your own copy by clicking this link: 

  CozyWear Pattern

The final pattern is called CozyWear and consists of  a cape, long sleeved sweat shirt, sweat pants and boots.

  CozyWear Pattern

 The PDF costs $6.00 and consists of 14 pages of pattern pieces and instructions to help you complete the outfit. You can access the pattern's page by clicking this link:

      CozyWear Pattern

The linked page also includes a sample of this pattern which you can download for free, this one is for the cape pattern and again it contains easy to follow instructions to help you along. You can find the PDF here: